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The origin of the name of "Itotoku"

"Ito" - coming from a dupion silk, so called "Tamaito-seishi".

"Toku"-coming from Tokujiro Obuchi(Isematsu Nakashima). 

What's Itotoku foundation?

The Itoku Foundation helps to support projects related to the maintenance and operation of child-rearing support facilities. As a general incorporated foundation, Itoku Foundation established in 1949. After that,  it has undergone a name change following the 2014 revision of the law on public service corporation.


This corporation is engaged in projects such as the development and management of child-rearing support facilities, the maintenance and operation of student dormitories and other apartments, housing, and leasing for the improvement of the child-rearing and educational environment. 


Entering into an era of declining birthrates now, we are focusing on capital investment and management support of child-rearing support organizations with the aim of creating employment for working women and further enhancing the child-rearing environment.  It is also at the forefront of annual public interest spending plans based on law.


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Activity results

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Futagawa Kindergarten

Chick kids for children study classes

Katakana English for adults conversation classes

Itotoku Yayoi Heights


■ Location | 398 Higashigounai, Oiwacho, Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture 441-3147, Japan

2-8-2-306 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan



■The board chairman  | Takashi Kobuchi


■ Main Activities | Support for facility maintenance and operation of child-rearing related facilities such as nurseries, kindergartens, daycare centers, and planning and operation of the other events and events related to child-rearing support.