Expenditure of the business for Public Interest Purposes in FY2016

Non profit organization mom-support "Koidumiya"

In consideration of the necessary childcare services, it was established in 2005 and it currently has three businesses: small-scale approved childcare (designated by the city), temporary-childcare and development-support.

Contents of business requesting assistance

Child development support "Ohisama"(Ohisama means sun): Repair work for children to easy to use toilet.

In order to establish a child's personal independence, a portable toilet is attached to a Japanese-style toilet and used in a Western style. However, as it became old, unstable and tilted, it was dangerous for children to use. So we helped to upgrade it to a safe and easy-to-use Western-style toilet.

NPO Megumi-no-Sato Mikawa Family

One and a half years have passed since the establishment of the corporation, and its activities are gradually taking root. This year, we have moved into the Tsurugi Village, which has been improved, and the local community has begun to flourish. In particular, there has been an increase in interaction with local high school students and residents. The enhancement of the environment has been demanded.

Contents of business requesting assistance

Equipment and enhancement of schoolchildren's communicating facilities of Tsugeno Village and lobby etc. (bookshelf, Kotatsu(Japanese foot warmer), fan heater, screen, simple table, a set of playing tool.)


We are moving into a room at Tsugeno Elementary School which has been closed and we are promoting forest maintenance and exchange events with the community. The abandoned school lobby and the playground space can be used freely at all times, but facilities and playground equipment are insufficient, and there are no heating facilities in winter. By maintaining these facilities, local children and the elderly can interact after school and on holidays. We helped to improve the operational aspects of the project.