Katakana English for adults conversation classes

What is “Katakana English Conversation” that anyone can easily start regardless of age? !

The “Katakana English Conversation Adult Class” is a lesson that makes it easy to understand grammar and learn pronunciation easily, with the motto “Become more important than perfection”. In addition, katakana reading has the image of NG, but reading it according to the size of the letters will make the pronunciation transmitted to foreigners. Don't make a mistake, it's not perfect ... I don't need that fixed concept anymore. This class is recommended only for those who have weak consciousness and complex.

The reasons why the Itoku Foundation is doing this project:

The purpose of this project is to improve and operate the necessary facilities or to support them in order to improve the educational environment. We want you to receive "education" and hope to deliver excitement and excitement to the world through education.

■ Tokyo Yayoi Main School Location: 2-8-2-206 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo