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It is a kindergarten in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, where children can spend their time comfortably in a new kindergarten building with scented trees. There are many public facilities and parks nearby and plenty of childcare facilities outside the park.
By developing skills that cannot be study in the cram school for the entrance examination, we have adopted an educational policy that enhances the power of children and opens up their children's talents. In addition, the policy is not for only children but also parents to encourage to learn, so we offer parents to get feedback the class contents from children at home. The graduated students of Hiyoko-kids has been brilliantly raised and celebrities in various fields. Admission is from 1 and a...
The “Katakana English Conversation Adult Class” is a lesson that makes it easy to understand grammar and learn pronunciation easily, with the motto “Become more important than perfection”. In addition, katakana reading has the image of NG, but reading it according to the size of the letters will make the pronunciation transmitted to foreigners. Don't make a mistake, it's not perfect ... I don't need that fixed concept anymore. This class is recommended only for those who have weak...
This is the student dormitory which has produced many students to go to Tokyo University with supplying meal. Itoku Yayoi Heights is the successor to the Itotoku Dormitory. If you are an OB who had lived in this heights, please come and contact us.